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    7th September – The truth about Motherhood (panel show)

    ‘The truth about Motherhood: Will be unravelled by our panellists on Sunday 7th September live on sky 203 at 4pm. Motherhood the most natural yet complicated role in the world. Are you a good mother? What makes a good mot...
  • fatfree

    14th September – Is fat free, really fat free?

    Men or Woman everyone is always trying to lose weight, but when swapping fat free products for there more natural alternatives are we actually getting a healthier option? Scientists are always coming up with alternatives to mak...
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    21st September – I’m not afraid to say…

    There isn’t much we’re afraid to say, we answer questions from our viewers DKW agony aunt style. Did you like this? Share it: Tweet
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    28th September – Living with confidence

    On the show we have one of London’s top confidence coaches and a celebrity stylist, we are going to learn how to live with confidence. We also look at some fabulous plus size models who know how to pose with confidence. D...
  • shutterstock_5557199533

    5th October – Sorry I don’t care anymore

    Do you know when a relationship is over? Have you ever lost interest in a partner? What’s the worst way you’ve been dumped? Words you don’t want to hear or say but when it happens what should you do? Did you l...
  • shutterstock_17952885533

    12th October – If I could start over (regrets)

    Some say we shouldn’t look back but letting go is never easy. In this show we will show you how you can let go and face your regrets. Did you like this? Share it: Tweet
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